Who we are

StarBot Technologies, a not-for profit organization has been a vital force in the South Florida and national community for almost 20 years.  StarBot inspires, educates and engages the future leaders of our local and global world through the latest robotic and engineering technologies delivered through classes, workshops, and competitions. Students from elementary through college, teachers and parents benefit from the many programs that StarBot offers.

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Where are they now?

Graduates of StarBot have gone on to the best universities across the country, many with scholarships! MIT, Purdue, Notre Dame, Princeton, CalTech, Georgia Tech, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Columbia, UF, UM, FIU, Loyola, U Michigan, U Penn, Tufts, West Point and many more. Many are now working in exciting fields: Designing medical robots and interactive robots, BioMedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Law, Publishing, Designing Military Prototypes, Environmental Engineering, General business and lots more.

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As the first generation in my family to go to college, Starbot and all its teachers have given me the inspriation to excel and to discover my love for engineering. Starbot has guided and prepared me in becoming a well rounded independent young woman. They have given me a solid foundation for studying engineering in college and shown me that through continual dedication you can achieve your goals.

Jade B.

Participating in the Carrollton robotics program has taught me a lot about engineering and life. Working with a group of individuals has fostered in me teamwork, communication, and cooperation. I have learned to manage money and sponsors. I have had to manage my time carefully to balance building and schoolwork. The thrill of competing with something you built through hard work and dedication, from concept, to design, to execution is incredible. I can look back and see my progression to the present and now look forward to a future in which I will apply everything I have learned.

Christiana R.

Robotics is one of the most rewarding extra-curricular activities I have ever been a part of. StarBot is my home away from home, and the adults who help us are my extended family. The life lessons I have learned in the shop such as teamwork, problem solving, and budgeting will truly help me in the future. Because of robotics I am part of the small pool of girls who hope to go into the field of engineering. *Elizabeth has graduated from engineering school and is enjoying her career in engineering!

Elizabeth M.

My son, Alex Irastorza, who is working on his masters degree, has been involved with StarBot since 8th grade. At that time he made his first robot at a summer camp at the University of Miami under the superb training of Bill and Nola Garcia. That camp fostered a love of robotics in Alex and with the tireless help of StarBot, he started a club at Epiphany Catholic School, a club at LaSalle High School, and then became a board member at the robotics club at Columbus High School... StarBot has unselfishly supervised many community service projects done by my son and his teammates and this in turn has fostered a love of robotics in many less fortunate kids in our community. I highly recommend StarBot. It has made a world of difference to so many. I can think of no better way to teach science and math than through the excietment of building a competition robot.

Eileen Irastorza

I had never built a robot before. So as I walked into the Girls for Tech room and saw the robot paraphernalia, I was amazed and interested. With pink fingernails, I followed the instructions given and assembled my first robot, a light spider. This program was an awesome experience and it opened my world to technology and the possibilities therein. If it were possible for anyone else enjoy these opportunities, I think they would find this experience as breathless as I did. Robots rock!! - Taina J.

As a parent, I love every aspect of the StarBot Academy Program. It has helped my son greatly in school. He comes home every Saturday with new information that he has learned and is excited about. It has helped him with his confidence in Science and Math and it shows in his school grades. He loves his new group of friends and uses the information he learns in many aspects of school and home. He is always excited about learning! Thank you so much!

Mrs. Johnson